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Thanks for valuing our home! The house was listed last week, and we are under contract at a great price - even higher than I expected we would end up at!

Having an idea of the value before we purchased helped us understand the market. It was such a relief to know that we didn't overpay for our home.

Alli T. - Sag Harbor NY, Seller

Michael J. - East Hampton NY, Buyer

 How does your home value estimator work?

Our home value estimates are performed by the top local real estate valuation experts in your area. There are hundreds of online real estate calculators that say they provide the most accurate values and quotes. Some real estate estimates are better than others, and use legitimate valuation methods, but none can be a true substitute for a property or home appraisal performed by a certified local real estate expert.

At Scout., we aggregate the best real estate calculators and home value estimates available, and show you the results of each in today's market. Whether you need to make a decision around selling, buying, or re-financing, a home valuation is the best place to start. Visit Scout. to learn more about how our experts can help you with your home needs.


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For those looking for a more precise report, complete with neighborhood sales comps and market trends, we offer a FREE Comparative Market Analysis.  Fill out the information below, and we'll send a local real estate home pricing expert to inspect your home and provide a detailed report, including what you can sell your home for in today's market.

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